Welcome to the Department of Leisure Management,

Mingxin University of Science and Technology

The department focuses on cultivating "quality services and management talents required for the development of the leisure industry".

Adhering to the school's goal of cultivating pragmatic and practical talents, and the educational goals of our professional service personnel and humanities, the department emphasizes humanistic literacy, service attitude and professional ethics. Teaching covers culture, health and tourism. In the three areas of leisure experience, the ability training begins with the foundation of the basic ability, and then the service, experience and marketing power are the main courses of the professional ability training course.

Both theory and practice are equally important. Academic and internships are the main teaching principles of the department. Through the parallel study, the professionals needed for the development of the leisure industry are cultivated.

The department is coherent and diverse in the process from curriculum to internship to ability development. The requirements of the learning process are professional, rigorous and comprehensive. Before graduation, it is necessary to pass the assessment of competence and graduation, so that students have high workplace competitiveness when they graduate. It is the cradle of talent training for Taiwan's leisure industry.